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Altum – The Story Behind the Solution

Nourish. Support. Sustain. Keep.
That is what the “Altum” means.
And even though we are in the business of giving organizations control over their data and communications, these words, in truth, most apply to what we offer and how we do business.

We nourish our clients' work with people and innovations that feed vision.
We support our clients' processes through foundational software and strategic planning that achieve objectives.
We sustain our clients' momentum with ideas that take programs and the ability to use data to superior levels.
We keep our clients' big picture in mind as we create novel offerings that address their future needs.

All this points to one idea: Behind the technology, the data, the system, and the planning is a company that cares deeply about its clients' ability to do their very important work and to do it well.

The proof of our caring is in the results we’ve been able to achieve and the awards we’ve been honored to receive since our founding in 1997.

When you total the concepts in our name and multiply that by the depth of our knowledge and our constant quest for innovation, you get something bigger than software solutions and communications strategies.  You get systems that work with people and processes that nurture possibility.

Altum is a privately held corporation headquartered in Reston, Virginia, near Washington, D.C.; with offices in Rockville, Maryland; and London, England.