About Altum

Altum uses technology to help governments, philanthropic organizations, and communities make the world a better place.

At our heart, we are a company that empowers people and organizations to make the world a better place. We believe that our combination of technology and business acumen can help organizations do much more with their data—from making better decisions to working smarter and not harder.

We truly believe that the secret of our success has been our people. We have always hired the best talent we can find based on the combination of personality, skills, and the “it” factor. We can teach employees to code and integrate systems, but we cannot instruct them in commitment, compassion, and caring. Our strategy has worked, because our clients clearly love our people, too.

Our Story and Values

Our Story

Altum was founded in 1997, by Ken Fang, who wanted to focus on building custom software at off-the-shelf prices. Eventually, the company began to build grant reporting systems for the National Institutes of Health and quickly earned a reputation for high-quality work in the grants management space. Through adept business development and acquisitions, the company grew dramatically, and, in 2000, was christened “Altum,” which means “to nourish” and “to grow” in Latin.

Our Values

Employee Satisfaction

We have always taken good care of our employees, from providing great benefits to encouraging work-life balance. Our family-friendly policies emphasize flexibility so our people have the time they need for their families.

Customer Satisfaction

We always go the extra mile for our clients, striving to exceed their expectations at every opportunity. Their goals quickly become ours, turning business partnerships into long-term engagements.