Altum, Inc., Is Awarded OAR/NIH Contract for Technical, Administrative, Analytical, and Logistical Support with Subcontractor Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

Reston, VA – Altum, Inc., a leading developer of innovative software products and services for government and philanthropic organizations since 1997, has announced its recent win of the Technical, Administrative, Analytical, and Logistical Support contract under the Office of AIDS Research (OAR), National Institutes of Health (NIH). Located within the NIH Office of the Director, OAR coordinates the scientific, budgetary, legislative, and policy elements of NIH AIDS research. The NIH is the global leader in public investment in HIV/AIDS research.

Altum will serve as prime contractor, with subcontractor Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. (SSS), of Silver Spring, Maryland.

This partnership between Altum and SSS offers proven information technological expertise—as evidenced by Altum online grantmaking products and performance management solutions—along with SSS’ more than three decades of technical experience in public health, HIV/AIDS, clinical research, and international development in the public and the private sector.

Altum and SSS have collaborated successfully with OAR on past HIV/AIDS projects and will provide a continuity of vision and leadership that ensures a seamless transition to the contract and sustained, timely delivery of services.

These incumbent contractors will employ their extensive and complementary skills to effectively manage the complex requirements of the contract’s five program areas: technical and analytical programs, international collaboration/program, domestic and international conference support, community-focused initiatives and program, and communications and information dissemination.

Altum and SSS personnel look forward to this partnership, particularly given their shared workplace values, responsiveness to the client, and commitment to community service.

According to Altum Chief Executive Officer Steve Pinchotti, “From our initial negotiations, we sensed the excellent fit between our companies. The chemistry was right; the company cultures are compatible; and we both offer exceptionally qualified, dedicated staffs. This confluence of skills and philosophy promises benefits to both Altum and SSS. Most importantly, it guarantees continued outstanding implementation of OAR’s critical HIV/AIDS programming.”

Altum is a privately held corporation headquartered in Reston, Virginia; with offices in Rockville, Maryland, where the new program will be housed; and London, England.

Ryan Rosiek