Easygrants 5.0 Release

Altum, Inc. announced today that it has released the next major version of Easygrants, its enterprise grants management solution. The release is its most significant upgrade to the software since acquiring the intellectual property at the end of 2006, and begins a series of strategic advances to the product planned over the next two years.

“Altum has dedicated a significant amount of time and resources toward the 5.0 release of Easygrants, and is very excited that this release reinforces Easygrants as the premier e-grantmaking solution for the giving enterprise,” said Luke Dion, vice president of Grants Management Solutions. “This release represents an accumulation of inputs we garnered from our users and our prospects. Altum consistently drives its solutions toward effectively solving the customer’s needs, and this release is a great example of that.”

Highlights of the latest release involve empowering the customer to configure Easygrants through a series of online system administration tools. At the heart of this release is the Workflow Builder, a much anticipated tool that will allow grantmakers to create unique workflow, including e-mail communications, based on decision points for each program and funding opportunity. “The robust grants management capabilities of Easygrants, have been harnessed by placing powerful configuration tools into the hands of our customers. This not only speeds time to production, but also dramatically reduces total cost of ownership by making Easygrants straightforward to maintain and enhance.”

Ryan Rosiek