Case Study

The challenge:

The Division of Intramural Research Programs (DIRP) at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) plans and conducts research on the diagnosis, causes, treatment and prevention of mental disorders. In order to effectively manage DIRP’s performance, the NIMH needed a way to track and manage project resources. Unfortunately, DIRP had no mechanism in place to centrally administer and accurately measure the total cost of its research activities.

Our solution:

We worked with NIMH and DIRP stakeholders and end-users to develop a custom data entry system. The system integrates multiple source systems and manual processes into a new Analysis of Integrated Resources (AiR) system, centralizes management, and oversees and tracks resources.

We chose QlikView for its Executive Dashboard capabilities, which offer remarkable breadth and depth of features and functionality.

The result:

For the first time, NIMH and DIRP are able to accurately track and monitor the resources and costs associated with each research project. They can proactively manage resources, run detailed research cost analysis, and conduct comprehensive strategic planning.