International Collaborations

Altum facilitates international cooperation through exchanges representing a wide array of scientific and cultural content. On behalf of governmental, nongovernmental, and academic organizations, our staff support high-level programs requiring close attention to specialty subject matter, diplomatic protocol, discretion, and time-sensitivity. Superb logistical and travel capabilities augment Altum’s backing to international collaborations.

PROGRAM Development and management

  • Strategic planning, program development, and oversight
  • Identification and recruitment of subject-matter experts
  • Technical and analytical support
  • Budget, logistical, and administrative management
  • Pass-through payments

International travel and logistics

  • International travel, lodging, and ground transportation
  • Passport and visa facilitation
  • Federal travel regulation/client travel requirements
  • Dignitary and VIP accommodations, and protocol and security assistance
  • Onsite reimbursement and funds management

Materials Development

  • Custom materials development, design, layout, and production in print and online
  • Logo design and branding
  • Editing, proofreading, indexing, abstracting, and quality control
  • Reporting, press releases, notetaking, summaries, and rapid onsite communications

Language Services

  • Multilingual paper translations
  • Consecutive and simultaneous escort interpretation and equipment
  • Multilingual Staffing