Grants Management

Streamline your grantmaking or grantseeking.



Streamline your grantmaking processes. Choose the best tool for your organization’s needs.



Manage your grantseeking activities more efficiently
and redirect resources to programs and services delivered.



Altum has hand-selected grants management tools that can meet all your needs and make your life easier: PhilanTrack and proposalCENTRAL. We will help you save time and money by:

Automating your processes to be simpler, more consistent and transparent, and substantially more efficient (up to 50% shorter cycle times)

Embedding business rules and processes that will preserve your organization’s knowledge, minimize the impact of staff turnover, and ensure compliance with policies and procedures

Making it easy to objectively quantify and report on the performance of grants, programs, and processes

Integrating grant data seamlessly with internal and external systems, and using flexible configuration tools that will adapt to organizational changes.

for Grantmakers

Are you looking for a stronger return on your grants? Altum’s PhilanTrack is a cloud-based platform that will help you make quicker and more informed decisions with grantees, reduce IT costs and your environmental impact, and share information faster with board members and trustees.


Do you need to replace an outdated paper application and review process, or streamline and enhance an aging grants management system? proposalCENTRAL from Altum is a collaborative, web-based solution that provides a faster, more efficient way to receive, review, and manage grants. Additionally, it enhances communication across your organization and allows your staff to interact seamlessly with applicants, reviewers, and grantees.



Altum has tools that help grant recipient organizations streamline the process, from initial funder research, through final progress report. We help you increase your grantseeking efficiency by:

Searching for new potential funding opportunities, learning more about prospective grant funders, and tracking contact information and interactions with existing and potential funders

Tracking all tasks related to building relationships with funders, writing grant requests, managing grants, and reporting to funders—including automated email reminders prior to due dates

Writing proposals and easily repurposing information from past proposals using PhilanTrack’s “Find Similar Questions” functionality to save time and build institutional knowledge and memory

Storing all grant-related documents in an easily accessible online location to ensure quick access to the most current version of funder-requested documents.

for Grantseekers

Do you want to find new funds faster; reuse information across proposals; and reduce the cost of researching, applying for, and managing grants? PhilanTrack’s cloud-based platform brings simplicity and stability to your grants administration so that you can redirect resources to the actual delivery of programs and services.