PhilanTrack for Grantseekers Benefits

Find new funders faster

Never miss a funding opportunity. The premium version of PhilanTrack grant management software for nonprofits provides free access to GrantStation, a leading grant research tool, so that you can quickly research current funding opportunities and get more grants. GrantStation data is continually updated so that you can stay on top of the latest funding opportunities.

Reduce data entry times

With PhilanTrack’s “Find Similar Questions” function, you can avoid reinventing wheels with each new grant proposal. You can also reuse the same information from previous proposals and tailor those for each prospective funder. This keeps your future answers consistent while reducing the number of times new proposal content needs to be created.

More net grant dollars are directed to program and service delivery

There’s a difference between the proposed grant amount and the actual net grant when it’s finally awarded. But by using PhilanTrack to reduce the time and cost of pursuing and managing the grant itself, both grantseekers and grantmakers together can maximize their resources for years to come. It means that more net grant dollars can be directed to your programs and services.

Minimize environmental impact while maximizing social impact

When you move your grants administration online, you drastically reduce paperwork and printing costs.  Money saved through more efficient grants administration means more money to dedicate to your organization’s social impact.

Trust the power of the cloud to streamline your processes

Developing our tools in the cloud is what gives us the speed and reliability to streamline your grants . It helps us rapidly address new problems, make improvements, and deploy new innovative features. This also means we can support you faster so that you can get back to what you do best.

Keep your infrastructure spending low

Web-based tools are cost-effective. There’s no need to install anything on your organization’s computers. Altum handles all the IT and maintenance in the cloud so that your staff can devote more time to grant-related activities.

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