proposalCENTRAL Data Visualization and Reporting

Actionable Insights

proposalCENTRAL’s dashboards help grantmakers gain deeper insight into their processes and programs to support better decision-making, faster response times, and improved understanding of awarded grants and applications.

Save Time

Answering ad-hoc questions about your grants can use up a lot of your time. One proposalCENTRAL client reports a reduction for one monthly report from 6 hours to just 1 hour, gaining back 5 hours per month on just one report using proposalCENTRAL’s built in analysis and reporting tools. What could you accomplish with 5 more hours? Other clients say reports take on average half the time to prepare. When you save time on reporting, you are more responsive to the people asking questions.

Insights into Process

Portfolio Status

Summary of Portfolio Status Provides an overview of the status of applications and grants in your portfolio:

  • How many LOIs and/or proposals require funding decisions?
  • How many grants in your portfolio are active?
  • What have you paid and what is still scheduled for the year?
  • How many reports are you expecting this year and how many are waiting on your approval?

Payment & Refund Overview

Provides an overview of payments and refunds:

  • Complete view of financial history and forecasting, including refunds.
  • Ability to drill down within year and month to see chronological schedule.
  • Filter by payment or refund status to see appropriate totals within selected timeframe.
Payments and Refunds

Deliverable Overview

Deliverable Overview Provides an overview of deliverables that require action:

  • Deliverables awaiting grantmaker approval
  • Delinquent deliverables from grantees
  • Total deliverables in order to evaluate workload of a program
  • Monthly and annual snapshot of submitted and delinquent deliverables

Average Time to Submit

Provides insights into grant cycle timelines:

  • How long it takes applicants to submit an LOI
  • How long it takes applicants to submit a proposal
  • The amount of time from submission until grantmaker decision
Process Timelines

Insights into Programs

Portfolio Distributed by Keywords

Portfolio Distributed by Keyword Evaluate your grants portfolio based on the topic areas associated with your customized keywords

Map of Amount Awarded

Visualize where grants in your portfolio are awarded. Filter by country or region and zoom in and out to see the geographic distribution of your grants  

Map of Amount Awarded

Insights into Program Trends

Application Growth

Application Growth Easily view trends in program growth, as reflected by number of applications received

Award Growth

Evaluate the growth of programs over time – both number of awards and amount of awards  

Award Growth

Application Success of Keywords

Application Success by Keyword See trends in the number of applications submitted over time related to a specific topic, along with the application success rate for requests with that keyword