Data Visualization

Access your data so you can make better decisions.

Working smarter in the digital age is about using technology to make the most of your data. The trick is in finding the right technology. When it comes to performance management, the right technology is user-friendly, makes data easily accessible, and helps you achieve your business objectives. You need a budgeting tool that integrates key metrics and goals so that you can plan smarter, and you need a business intelligence program that pulls all your data into one dashboard so you can operate smarter.

Business Discovery

Are you tired of relying on your IT staff to create reports? Are you looking for an analytics, visualization, and dashboard platform that is dynamic and self-service? Altum delivers leading-edge technology platforms that are so intuitive that anyone in your organization can create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards to explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights.

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Has the size of your project, program, or organizational operation become so complex that you cannot manage your budgets on spreadsheets? Altum’s industry-leading budgeting software solution makes financial and operational planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, reporting, and analysis easier, faster, more accurate—and, most importantly—more useful.

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Portfolio Analysis

Most funders are required to report periodically on their grant topics. For example, a cancer research funder might report on funds invested in prostate cancer research versus those spent on lung cancer research. Because such reporting requires manual reviews involving significant staff time and other resources, many funders find routine, consistent reporting difficult.

Altum’s portfolio management solutions enable funders to make better investment decisions, access funding data easily, respond to funding activity requests quickly, and ensure greater transparency and accountability in project outcomes.

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Altum has the experience and proven track record to handle all kinds of strategic communications, community outreach and international collaborations.

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