Business Discovery

Visual Dashboards

Altum makes visual dashboard creation simple and intuitive, but we do not stop there. Altum’s solutions make it easy to explore the data so that you can understand what is happening and why.

  • Ask questions and follow your intuition
  • Seamlessly navigate vast amounts of data from multiple sources
  • Share your insights visually and accurately, knowing the analysis, commentary, and content are based on reliable, governed data.

Self-Service Creation

Anyone can easily create personalized data visualizations, reports and dashboards

  • Create compelling visualizations using drag-and-drop techniques
  • Share and reuse data, metrics, and objects using the built-in library
  • Keep it as simple or as sophisticated as you like with progressive creation


Access analytics anywhere, anytime, on any device

  • Solve problems on the go
  • Move seamlessly from desktop to tablet to smartphone
  • Adapt dashboards, analytics, and reports to any device.