Portfolio Analysis

Gain Actionable Insights for Better Decisions

With a global award database covering more than 65 funders and upward of $700 billion in historical awards, users can compare internal funding applications against the global funding landscape instantly. Dimensions will identify similar research based on a search or automatically display grants similar to the proposal you are evaluating, including information on which institutions were funded, which investigators received the awards, and which projects are currently running in this area.

Respond to Requests on Funding Activities

Research funding is often discussed through a political filter, particularly for public sector funders. In these cases, many Funders receive requests like ‘Can you please provide a report on the funding in the area of XYZ – showing current funding levels together with an overview on the last 10 years”. The challenge for Funders is to translate such a request into precise research definitions that cover all relevant grants – at the same time eliminating irrelevant grants (the false positives) that might mention some related terms. Dimensions specifically supports generating precise and consistent reports for funders, and it allows the funder to compare their categories dynamically to other funder portfolios.

Compare Funding Portfolios

With the aggregated shared global grant database you can analyze your portfolio and at every step of the analysis and compare it to other funder portfolios – making use of powerful analytical tools and visualizations.